Jan 23, 2014

Breaking Host Records

Records and marks exist for everything. We'd be in the money for 'Entertaining or Hosting Friends in a Twelve Month Period'. Key being friends---not associates, operatives, or (unfortunately) even family--but friends. People we could (and have, and do) call out of the blue and request a favor or make an announcement with no judgement. People who are rare to find. That's who we mean. 

Night Out @ The Bottom Line
A couple days ago we ushered out our latest; Claire being our 11th set (or solo) in ten months. Wow--really, an average of one each month. I guess that sounds about right. We have a handful of others we thought (hoped) might make the trip. Perhaps something will strike them and they'll reconsider over the next couple of months. After all, the worst time to be here is late April through September so we're running out of time for the hard-core tourist types.

Great Run to T.Roosevelt Island
We've had a disproportionally small number during the more favorable November-January period. Sure, leaves have dropped, the sun dips early and people watching pales that of the summer. However, it's mostly great weather, lines as short as they'll ever be and still far more to do than can ever be done. One more on deck within the next couple of weeks. I'll need to make a judgement call on the count total--he's visited multiple times. A much different guest visit pattern developed in Tucson---90% of all visitors over a four year period showed up between February and April. Yes, part of the cool season but only part of it. I blame the end-of-year holidays. Partly.

One, of many projects, shortly after returning to AZ will be to learn more about the area that can be communicated to others. It's far more than hundreds of miles of bike lanes and paths and desert mountains to climb. It's got just as much culture, entertainment and (almost) as much history as the DC area--only it's considerably more spread out and not accessible by public transit. It'll be a mission to compile a better working knowledge of the area to drive (more) traffic during different times of the year. 
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