Jan 17, 2014

Mixed Martial Arts: All In The Family

Cousin Derek: MMA Title Belt Holder

I was one of six cousins standing out on the deck of my parents' house for Christmas. Three of us grew up together; we were more like friends than cousins. The other three were brothers---and much younger. So much younger, in fact, I used to babysit two of them. Turns out one of them is an athlete--I mean a real athlete.

This is him in my folk's living room over Christmas--he's next to Uncle Denny and in front of my youngest brother's gal. The partial headshot behind Denny is Bunce's uncle--Doran. Yup, a title belt holder in our house. It's dwarfs the size of my largest hardware; rendering it little more than a tool used to clean the crevices of his monster belt. Who knew.

(Not so) little cousin Derek~~ the MMA BFC Lightweight (170lb) champion.
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